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The Solutions That We Offer

  Our PatenTrakker Technology Awareness Reports and Consulting Services keep you informed on a targeted and timely basis. Get up to speed and stay current on all of the latest U.S. Utility Patent developments relating to your target technology, all in a clear and concise report that is issued to each of your inventors and/or other staff within hours of the items being released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office!  

The Solution For Inventors

  Let the PatenTrakker Inventor's Edition reports help you to monitor what others are doing to compete with you and/or circumvent your patent. Our targeted and timely reports permit you to concentrate only on that which is most important to you and with a minimal time commitment. Protect what you have, before others try to take it away.  

The Solution For R&D Management

  Let the PatenTrakker Technology Awareness Manager's Edition reports help you review the most recent references to each of your organization's USPTO Current Technology classes, letting you concentrate on what is important to you while filtering out the noise. Your management efficiency will skyrocket.  

The Solution For Licensing Officers

  Let the PatenTrakker Director's Edition reports help you and your staff, subdivide the responsibilities, by logically organizing the references to your patent portfolio by inventor. This allows you to concentrate on the new U.S. utility patent and application references that are most important to you and give you a head-start on getting some bottom line ROI from those underperforming patents and/or selling off your dormant, time-decaying assets to others that could use them to enhance their IP portfolio. The CEO will be ecstatic.  

The Solution For Technology Investors

  Let the PatenTrakker Virtual Inventor reports help you monitor specific areas of technology in order to follow the latest developments and discover the hottest start-ups in the next big thing technology so that you can identify investment prospects for detailed due diligence. You will know what the target companies are doing within hours of the information has been released by the USPTO. Can you do that now?  

The Solution For Patent Attorneys/Agents

  Let the PatenTrakker PTO Edition reports help your patent professionals, at once, keep up to date, concentrate on what is important to your clients and filtering out the noise. Our reports allow each of your attorneys to keep up to speed on their respective clients, in a clean, concise and timely manner. How current are they now?  

The Solution IP Litigators

  Let the PatenTrakker IP Litigator's Edition reports, allow your trial attorneys to concentrate on what is most important in their preparation for trial and while they are at trial. Our reports assist in discovering those last minute references to rebut the testimony of that adverse witness, or to help locate an expert with on-point expertise, in each case, to lend a hand in tipping the scales of justice in your client's favor. What is that worth?  

The Solution for Competitive Intelligence Investigators

  Let the PatenTrakker Patent Voyeur reports help you discretely monitor the developments of your chosen target company, whether it be a competitor or any entity practicing within your chosen technological areas of interest. With our reports, you can even see the same subject matter report that the other party's Chief Patent Counsel would most want to see, and before they see it. Does that sound useful to you?  

A trial subscription is FREE.

What have you got to lose?
(we both know the answer to that)