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Maintenance Contract

PatenTrakker™ Maintenance Contract

Did you realize that the USPTO classes originally assigned to your patents at the date of issuance are likely NOT the same classes that in which it currently resides? From time to time, and seemingly according to its own peculiar timetable, the USPTO updates its Technology Classifications, adding new ones, deleting old ones, and creating a virtual cornucopia of derivational nomenclatures for subordinate classes.

How would you even know what has changed without a PatenTrakker™ maintenance contract much less adjust your search criteria to adapt to such changes? even the best patent searcher in your organization is facing an almost insurmountable task in keeping up with these changes.

Moreover, since the inventors' and assignees' patent portfolios are often not static, additional patents, applications and/or classes will be expected to occur.

With the exception of the University Inventor reports, the PatenTrakker™ reports, as they are initially issued are reconciled with any updated data available to us in our private patent database, effective as of the time the subscription is started. In the case of the University Inventor reports, the original USPTO are used to determine searched classes, unless a maintenance contract is obtained separately.

In order that your subscription maintains its helpfulness, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a maintenance contract for your subscription. In some cases less frequent annual updates would be useful, but we also offer and recommend quarterly and weekly updates for those desiring more current information.
Portfolio Updates

Patent Portfolio Updates

At your annual renewal date or your other chosen frequency interval (e.g., weekly, quarterly, yearly), we will update your subscription profile to reflect additions to your identified inventors' newly issued patents and newly published patent applications, adding same to the profile for subsequent referencing studies.
Class Updater

PTO Class Updater

At your annual renewal date and at your optional chosen frequency interval (e.g., weekly, quarterly, yearly), we will examine each of the patents in each inventor's personal profile of your organization to determine which USPTO Technology Classifications are current with respect thereto. At the time of each update, we also send to the respective inventor an updated list of Classifications as part of their subsequent CAR/RPAC reports.

A trial subscription is FREE.

What have you got to lose?
(we both know the answer to that)